Wellness Exams

Your pets aren’t simply animals living in your home. They’re members of the family. That’s why it’s so important that we do everything within our power to extend and improve the quality of their lives as much as possible.

Wellness exams are a vital component to keeping your pet in tip-top shape from toe to tail.  Dogs and cats require at least one comprehensive veterinary health exam every year. Preventative health care allows us to establish a baseline for your pet and to spot possible issues early in their development. If we do find any potential health problems, it is much easier to treat them as early as possible.

During your pet’s exam, we will evaluate different bodily systems to make sure everything is functioning properly. We will check your pet’s eyes, ears, and nose for any irritation, discharge, or other signs of illness. We will check your pet’s mouth and teeth for tartar, redness, and other symptoms of oral diseases. We will listen to your pet’s lungs and heart for signs of any problems, and we will palpate your dog or cat’s abdomen and joints.  All findings are noted in your pet’s medical chart to maintain a complete history and ensure follow-up on areas of concern.