Keeping your pet vaccinated is a crucial component of preventative health care. We follow the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccine protocol recommendations. Dogs and cats each have “core vaccinations” (which are considered vital and always strongly recommended) and “non-core vaccinations” (which are recommended due to certain lifestyles and environmental risks). 

We will discuss your pet’s lifestyle; any expected travel to other geographic locations; and any potential contact with other animals to evaluate the risk of exposure to a variety of preventable diseases.  From there, we can customize a vaccination program for optimal protection throughout your pet’s life.

We are a proud supporter of Mission Rabies, which means you are too!

Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Once symptoms of the disease develop, it is almost always fatal.

Every year, millions of healthy dogs are inhumanely killed for fear of this deadly disease. However, this doesn't halt the spread of rabies, which causes the deaths of around 59,000 people a year – the majority of which are children under 15.

Mission Rabies is going to change that.

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