Sidekick Petcare Wellness Plans

Pets have a special place in our lives. As members of the family, they are companions and faithful sidekicks in life’s adventures. They grow so fast, and because they age as much as seven years faster than we do, regular checkups and preventive care are vital to ensure their health from the time they are a puppy or kitten into their golden years.

Our SideKick Pet Club offers age-based wellness plans that include optimal preventive care – from vaccines and bi-annual comprehensive examinations to diagnostic blood work, dentistry, and much more. And the best part, the cost of this care can be spread over twelve monthly payments, allowing it to easily fit into your budget.

Learn More About Wellness Plans Today!

There’s no better superpower than being able to keep your furry sidekick healthy and happy. Call Coolridge today at (301) 449-1610 to learn more about our Sidekick Pet Care Club wellness plans, and how to join!

Our Wellness Plans cover pets from puppies and kittens to “senior citizens.”  The Sidekick Pet Care Club allows you to get all the preventive care your pet will need throughout the year, in easy monthly payments.  We also have options to include spay/neuter surgeries and dental procedures.  Monthly fees for the plans start as low as $31.95 per month.